World Cup 2018 Special Odds

Notice! Actual odds are subject to change and are correct as displayed only at the time of publishing: 08:46 AM 10.05.2018.

World Cup 2018 Russia Special OddsThe World Cup 2018 is going to be the biggest football event of the year and fans and punters alike can’t wait for the competition to start. One way to further increase the summer excitement is to place a bet or two on some of the various betting propositions and betting specials which betting operators are offering for the 2018 World Cup at the moment.

In this article we will take a look at three such betting specials which can make following the World Cup much more interesting and at the same can be quite profitable for you as some of them come with pretty enticing odds.

First Time Winner Odds

The chances that the World Cup in Russia will be won by a nation which hasn’t won the tournament so far are quite slim. This is reflected by the odds that bookmakers are offering for this proposition and you can get odds of 3/1 at SportNation, Redzonesports, Fun88, and Letou, and similar odds of 3 at LV BET and EnergyBet if you think that there will be a first time winner at this World Cup.

These high odds shouldn’t deter you from choosing the ‘yes’ option in this wager however, as there are some very strong teams such as Belgium, Croatia, and Portugal, which even though have not won a World Cup title yet, can surprise many people this summer and leave Moscow victorious. They are led by stars such as Ronaldo, Hazard, Lukaku, De Bruyne, and Modric and you only need one of them to triumph to have a winning bet.

However, if you think that one of Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, Spain, England, or Uruguay will once again win the famous gold plated trophy, you can get much lower odds of 1/4 at LV BET and EnergyBet, and miniscule odds of 4/19 at SportNation, Redzonesports, Fun88, and Letou.

Top South American Team Odds

This betting proposition deals with which of Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Uruguay will have the highest ranking at the 2018 World Cup. Brazil are ranked as the biggest favourites to finish top of this group of five nations as bookmakers such as SportNation, Redzonesports, Fun88, and Letou give them odds of 20/23 to achieve this, while LV BET and EnergyBet assign similar odds of 1 to the five time World Cup winner.

Argentina, led by Lionel Messi, are a close second favourite and if you think that they are going to upstage their fierce rivals, you can get odds of 13/7 at LV BET and EnergyBet and odds of 37/20 at SportNation, Redzonesports, Fun88, and Letou.

It is fair to say that the top ranked South American team will be from this pair as Peru, Colombia, and Uruguay are not worthy adversaries right now. Furthermore, their national teams seem to be on the decline results and performances wise, and their top stars such as Radamel Falcao, Luis Suarez, and Edinson Cavani are all on the wrong side of 30.

Winning Continent Odds

This betting special is probably the most difficult to predict of the three we have listed here as both Europe and South America have some pretty strong sides which can win the World Cup for their continent. Currently, Europe leads South America 10 to 9 in terms of World Cups won by national teams from both continents, while continents such as Africa, Asia, and Australia haven’t had a World Cup winner and, unfortunately, are not expected to have one any time soon.

This means that the main battle will once again be between Europe and South America. If you think that the winner of the World Cup in Russia will come from Europe, you can get odds of 10/31 at SportNation, Redzonesports, Fun88, and Letou, and odds of 4/11 at LV BET and EnergyBet.

If, on the other hand, you feel that Argentina or Brazil can bring home the victory for South America, you will be given enticing odds of 2 at LV BET and EnergyBet, and pretty high odds of 9/4 at SportNation, Redzonesports, Fun88, and Letou.