Towcester Greyhound Derby 2018 Betting and Odds

Notice! Actual odds are subject to change and are correct as displayed only at the time of publishing: 03:25 PM 17.09.2018.

greyhoundThe English Greyhound Derby is the most prestigious greyhound race in the world and one of the oldest as well. It began in 1927 at the White City Stadium before moving on to Wimbledon in 1985. The race has a rich history behind it and attracts thousands of viewers each year.

The first dog to win the race was named Entry Badge, while Mick the Miller is the first dog to win the Derby several times, a record which was equalled by three other dogs afterward. Since last year, the Derby is held at the Towcester Greyhound Stadium where many high-profile trainers ply their trade. The last English Greyhound Derby was held this year from May 2 to June 3 with Kevin Hutton’s dog’ Dorotas Wildcat winning it.

With a total prize fund of £350,000 and a winner’s purse of £175,000, the Greyhound Derby is the richest greyhound race of all time. The Towcester Derby is the pinnacle of the sport, attracting viewers not only with the exciting races but with quality entertainment as well. At this year’s race, there was a DJ and two local bands entertaining the huge crowd which gathered to see who’ll take the crown. As fans of the sport say, it’s a huge party from start to finish and everyone’s involved in it.

Next year’s race is expected to take place at about the same period and will feature more than a few greyhounds from the UK and Ireland that will battle for the crown. Hutton’s Dorotas Wildcat is the early favourite for next year’s race according to bookies after beating Droopys Verve this year. The event is expected to attract a stellar list of hounds who will surely provide fast-paced action.

Can Dorotas Wildcat Repeat?

This year has been a wild rollercoaster for Kevin Hutton and his dogs. Just before Dorotas Wildcat dominated the 2018 English Greyhound Derby, Hutton’s kennel was raided, with one out of the six dogs stolen still missing. Fortunately, 5 of the dogs were found abandoned, but healthy, and Dorotas’ win at the Derby made things a bit better.

The 3-year old raced ahead from the start and never looked back. Opening up a nice lead over second-placed Droopys Verve, Dorotas Wildcat won the Derby in fashion, with nearly 30 seconds in difference between him and the second place. Dorotas’ brother, Dorotas Vic, fought hard and made the race all the more interesting, but no one could ultimately catch the stellar hound.

For next year’s event, bookies think that Dorotas Wildcat can repeat or at least place on a spot higher up the list. Hutton’s dog is available at 20/1 at SportNation and RedZoneSports, where it’s leading the list of favourites.

towcester greyhound derby

On the other hand, Quinn Bet and Mintbet don’t share that opinion, placing Dorotas Wildcat just behind first-place favourite Droopys Verve (20/1 vs. 16/1). No matter who you pick, both odds are pretty great and if Hutton’s dog manages to win again, you could make a small fortune on him.

The Case for Droopys Verve

This year’s Towcester Greyhound Derby was a disappointment for both of Angela Harrison’s dogs – Droopys Verve and Droopys Expert. Droopys Verve was a major favourite for the Greyhound Derby with bookies placing it ahead of Dorotas Wildcat. The dog ran well and was never out of the first two spots, but ultimately, Dorotas Wildcat took the prize.

To make matters worse for Harrison, her second dog Droopys Expert failed to win the Derby Plate final, finishing sixth although entering the race as the favourite. It hasn’t been a good year for the dogs and their owner, but some bookies think that this is just the spark they need to win next year’s Derby.

Droopys Verve, available at 22/1 at RedZoneSports and SportNation, is trailing Dorotas Wildcat closely. However, Harrison’s dog is the favourite over at Mintbet and Quinn Bet, being given odds of 16/1 opposite Dorotas Wildcat’s 20/1. This makes Harrison’s dog a favourite for next year’s final and if luck would have it, you could earn yourself a fortune if you put a reasonable bet on Droopys Verve. With such a great performance in 2018, we have no doubt the dog will be among the top spots at next year’s Derby.

Rising Brandy – Contender or Pretender?

Matt Dartnall’s Rising Brandy is a young dog (born 2016) considered one of the best newcomers at the races. The dog has already won the 2018 Ladbrokes Puppy Derby and was great in this year’s Greyhound Derby, although it couldn’t keep up the pace with Dorotas Wildcat or Droopys Verve. Still, Rising Brandy took Heat 4 at the derby with (29.01 s.) which showed that it should be counted on for future events.

It seems that next year’s Derby may help Rising Brandy come out of Dorotas Wildcat’s and Droopys Verve’s shadow. Bookies are either putting him on the second spot just like Droopys Verve or making him a third favourite for the Greyhound Derby.

RedZoneSports and SportNation have the dog available at 22/1, while Mintbet and Quinn Bet are giving it odds of 25/1. This means that experts believe that the dog has quite high chances of upsetting the favourites – if you believe that it can win it all, a reasonable bet on Dartnall’s dog can win you a pretty nice sum in return.

Jaytee Taylor’s Chances

Jaytee Taylor is an Irish dog trained by Paul Hennessy who’s no stranger to wins at the Greyhound Derby. Hennessy’s dog Jaytee Tet won the 2016 race which was the last one held at Wimbledon and according to experts, his young dog Jaytee Taylor could upset the favourites if it has luck on its side next year.

Jaytee Taylor is a rising star that’s constantly near the top of the lists of favourites for other greyhound racing events. The dog is the main favourite to win the Irish Greyhound Derby that ends this following weekend and has also been the favourite for a few other races. This will be Jaytee Taylor’s first Towcester Derby and Hennessy is hoping that it will replicate Jaytee Tet’s 2016 success.

At the moment, Jaytee Taylor is available at 25/1 at RedZoneSports and SportNation, sharing the odds with Skywalker Logan. Things are a bit worse for Hennessy’s dog at Mintbet and Quinn Bet, where it currently stands at 25/1 with a group of dogs that includes Rising Brandy, Droopys Biker, and Skywalker Logan.

This means that bookies definitely consider Jaytee Taylor a threat – if some of the favourites have a bad day at the Towcester track, you can expect Hennessy’s dog to take over the lead.