Betting Odds Preview for Thomas Cup 2020

Notice! Actual odds are subject to change and are correct as displayed only at the time of publishing: 08:46 AM 15.01.2019.

badminton world federationThe Thomas Cup is the premier men’s national badminton event. Organized by the BWF (Badminton World Federation), the tournament is played between its member nations every two years. It was found in 1949 by George Alan Thomas, a legendary English badminton player.

Between 1949 and 1984, the tournament was held every three years. This changed in 1982 when the Thomas Cup shifted to a new format, now being held every couple of years. Since the start of the Thomas Cup, only five nations have managed to win it. The most successful country is Indonesia with 13 titles, followed by China with 10. Traditionally, the biggest national team badminton event has been won by Asian countries until Denmark broke their hegemony by beating Indonesia in the 2016 Thomas Cup Final.

The first Thomas Cup was won by Malaya, the Asian country we today know as Malaysia. Malaya beat Indonesia in the final with a dominating performance, becoming the first nation to lift the Thomas Cup. There were three qualifying zones initially – Pacific, Pan American, and Europe zones. All the ties consisted of nine individual matches in a format that would last until 1984. At that point, the matches were trimmed from nine to five and all the matches were played in one rather than two days.

In 1984, it was also decided to hold the tournament every two instead of every 3 years, a rule that is still in play today. Although not as popular as football or tennis, for example, badminton is still a pretty interesting sport with a large base of fans. Whenever the Thomas Cup is being held, badminton betting fans are rushing to the bookies, and the upcoming 2020 edition is no exception.


mansionbetRun by Mansion Limited, a juggernaut in the online gambling industry, MansionBet is a relatively new online bookie that aims for the top. With over 30 sports on an ever-growing list, MansionBet is attracting the attention of many punters in the UK and Europe. Horse racing, tennis, football, basketball, and badminton can all be found on the site, giving you a chance to try and predict the outcome of a number of matches.

Among the many badminton events at MansionBet is the 2020 Thomas Cup. The Asian bookie offers bets in the outright winner category. The heavy favourite is defending champion China with odds of 5/8. Japan is second on the list with odds of 7/2, while Indonesia and Denmark come third at 13/2.

Apart from China, the other three national teams are given the biggest chances of winning the tournament. On the bottom part of the table, South Korea and Malaysia are available for 14/1, while India is available for 20/1. The unlikeliest champion is Thailand with pretty high odds of 50/1.

Considering China’s unattractive odds, we’d consider our options carefully.


letouEstablished in Asia a long time ago, Letou arrived in the UK online betting market only recently. Thanks to its great sports offer, though, it pleased traditionalists by offering best odds guaranteed on horse racing and a load of other sports. The wide range of sports should suit the wants and needs of any kind of punter.

Badminton is on the long list of sports in Letou’s offer. You can bet on numerous international matches as well as the upcoming Thomas Cup. China is leading the list of favourites with unappealing odds of 5/8 that won’t bring you a lot in return. Japan is looking much better on the second place with odds of 7/1, just like Denmark and Indonesia behind it with odds of 13/2.

At the back end of the list, South Korea and Malaysia are even at 14/1, India is given odds of 20/1, while Thailand is stuck at the bottom with odds of 50/1. If you’re into Thomas Cup betting, placing a bet on Japan, Denmark and Indonesia makes more sense than putting everything you have on China. It’s a much riskier option, but one that could also bring you a nice return.


Arriving on the UK scene in 2017, RedZoneSports quickly established itself as the leading betting “home” for American sports in the UK. Featuring a number of sports popular in the USA, you can bet on American football, basketball, and the likes, all the popular markets included. Of course, the site offers much more than American sports only and has attractive features such as live betting and streaming as well.

You can bet on various badminton events at RedZoneSports including the 2020 Thomas Cup. As for the favourites, nothing has changed. China is still the leading favourite for the tournament with odds of 5/8 in front of Japan with 7/2. Indonesia and Denmark are given equal chances of winning the Thomas Cup – both go for 13/2.

The chances of the other countries don’t really look great. South Korea and Malaysia stand at 14/1, while India and Thailand have virtually no chances with odds of 20/1 and 50/1 respectively. If you ask us, betting on countries from the top section makes more sense unless you plan on betting on China. The Chinese team may be the favourite, but the odds are not really great.


sportnationSportNation is a relatively new bookie on the scene that offers an ever-growing list of sports and markets you can bet on. Thanks to the heaps of awards aimed at new and regular players, it has become one of the most popular bookies in the UK. The odds are solid in comparison with others, the list of markets long, and the overall experience is more than satisfying, making SportNation a real hit.

Among the numerous sports in its offer, SportNation includes badminton and the upcoming Thomas Cup. Nothing is different compared to the other bookies, though – at 5/8, China is once again at the top of the list of favourites, followed by Japan with 7/2. Malaysia and South Korea come next at 14/1, while India and Thailand are at the bottom with odds of 20/1 and 50/1.

As the defending champion, China is the heavy favourite to win the Thomas Cup once again, but the odds are not pleasing at all. Due to this, we suggest exploring the other options – Japan looks great and so do Denmark and Indonesia.