Phil Lo Greco v Amir Khan Boxing Odds

Phil Lo Greco v Amir Khan BoxingAmir Khan will take on Canadian Lo Greco on April 21st at the Echo Arena in Liverpool in what promises to be an exceptional fight. Khan returns to the ring after a hiatus of almost two years and Phil Lo Greco is going to be the perfect foil for the Bolton born fighter to show why he is one of the best boxers in his weight class.

The 31 year old British boxer is a huge favourite against the 33 year old Canadian, but he will have to work hard to prove that he is ready for a strong comeback. He even hired renowned coach Joe Goossen to help him get in the best fighting condition possible for the match.

This is all evidence enough that we are in for a terrific fight on April 21st as these two boxers who have won 34 matches by knock out between them and have recorded only 7 defeats in their professional careers (Khan lost 4, whereas Lo Greco lost 3 matches) set this up as a hugely interesting boxing event.

To make this event even more interesting you can try out your boxing knowledge and place a bet on which fighter is going to win the match in some of the betting operators which we will review for you in this article. These are all reputable bookmakers and betting with them is always a smart choice.

Black Type

Black TypeBlack Type is a renowned betting operator which works under the regulatory stipulations of the UK Gambling Commission and as such is definitely a safe place for your Khan vs Lo Greco betting transactions. In addition, if you bet with Black Type for the first time, you can use their £10 Welcome Bonus.

They offer punters two markets for the Khan vs Greco match and these are the fight winner, where there are three options together with the draw, and the draw no bet market, where you get lower odds for backing one of the fighters, but you are protected against the possibility of the match ending in a draw and you losing your bet.

In the fight winner market Amir Khan is the absolute favourite with odds of 1/20, Phil Lo Greco is given very high odds of 10/1, whereas the highly unlikely draw is priced at 25/1.

In the draw no bet market, the odds for Khan are lower than in the fight winner market and are at 1/33, whereas the odds for Lo Greco are set at 8/1. If the match ends in a draw your betting slip is a winning one, but at odds of 0/1.


sportnationThis Swiss betting company is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and is on par with any UK or EU based sports betting operator. In fact, their boxing offer is often said to be the best in the industry and the match between Amir Khan and Lo Greco is no different.

Amir Khan is the favourite in this match with SportNation as well, and the odds for his victory of 1/350 clearly show this. His opponent Phil Lo Greco is given miniscule chances of winning the fight and as a result has huge odds of 11/1.

The fact of the matter is that Khan is a much more famous fighter and this certainly had an influence on the bookmaker when compiling the odds, especially since Phil Lo Greco is not as bad as the odds would have you believe.

If the Khan vs Lo Greco match is your first betting endeavor with SportNation, make sure to use their new customers 50% bonus on your first deposit. Simply bet £100 and you will get £50 in free bets.


RedZoneSportsRedZoneSports offers quite competitive Khan vs Greco odds when compared to the competition and this is a reason why you should check their offer out. Furthermore, if you are betting with them for the first time you stand to make extra funds up to £100 with their generous welcome bonus.

Redzonsports offers punters only the winner full time market, without a betting proposition for the draw. They assign Phil Lo Greco odds of 12/1 and if you feel that he might pull off the boxing surprise of the century you will be a rich man. RedZoneSports’ welcome bonus of an extra £100 might best be used here as the risk of losing will be offset by the fact that you are playing with free cash.

If, on the other hand, you back the much more realistic option of Amir Khan winning the fight, you will get much lower odds of 1/350. At these odds the only way to have substantial winnings is to place a big deposit on Khan to win the match.


Fun88Fun88 is powered by TGP Europe Ltd, operates under the Online Gambling Regulations Act 2001 issued on 23rd September 2012 and as such is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

For the Phil Lo Greco vs Amir Khan match, the bookmaker offers odds which hugely favour Khan’s victory. In the only market the betting operator offers, the winner full time market, Amir Khan is given short odds of 1/350, whereas Phil Lo Greco is a much more enticing proposition with odds of 11/1.

Betting on Khan is the smart thing to do here, but if you are after large winnings, you should definitely back the British fighter with a larger deposit. If you plan to back Lo Greco however, you don’t have t worry about how big your deposit is, as you are guaranteed to have large winnings if the Canadian wins the match and you had backed him.

Fun88’s welcome bonus of £28 for all new customers might be a good option if you want to indulge in this type of risk free betting and back Lo Greco to a surprise victory here.


TonyBetTonyBet proudly claim on their website that the betting operator “is the world’s fastest growing online betting site”. A few reasons for this sort of popularity are TonyBet’s frequent offers of higher odds than the competition and what the bookmaker lacks in experience it compensates with huge bonuses, good odds and a safe betting experience. Their welcome bonus which is 100% on your first deposit for example, can go as high as €100 and represents one of the most generous offers out there.

Regarding the Amir Khan vs Lo Greco match, TonyBet, quite expectedly, comes out with odds slightly higher than the competition and if you back the favourite Khan with TonyBet, you will be given odds of 1/20.

If, on the other hand, you go for the underdog Lo Greco, you are going to be the benefactor of odds as high as 9/1. The Canadian wasn’t very happy when he heard that Amir Khan didn’t know much about him and if you think that he will be motivated by this statement to win the match, the odds of 9/1 will definitely represent good value.