NHL 2017/2018 Winner Odds

NHL 2017/2018 Winner OddsThis year, the Stanley Cup will have a new winner. The trophy will be either lifted by the Washington Capitals for the first time ever or the Vegas Golden Knights in their inaugural season. The Knights have surprised everyone with their performance in their first season in the NHL, reaching the Finals and having a great shot at the title.

The 2017-2018 Stanley Cup Final is the first series between two teams that have never won the cup and the third consecutive season in which a Western Conference team reaches the Finals for the first time ever. It will be quite interesting to see if the Golden Knights’ fairy tale continues or if the Capitals finally lift their first title which they surely deserve.

Led by the incredible Marc-Andre Fleury, quite possibly the best goalie in the NHL, the Vegas Golden Knights have managed to outperform all expectations. They swept the Kings in the first round of the playoffs, defeated the brave San Jose Sharks in the second (winning 4-2) and entered the Western Conference Finals as a favorite against Winnipeg Jets. The Jets started with a win on the road but were ultimately defeated by the Knights in the following 4 games.

The Washington Capitals have had a great season as well. Led by the great Alexander Ovechkin, the team from the capital snatched up the first place in the Eastern Conference, entering the playoffs as favorites. They won against the Columbus Blue Jackets 4-2 in the first round, the Pittsburg Penguins (2017 Stanley Cup champions) in the second round (4-2) and the Tampa Bay Lightning (4-3) in the Eastern Conference Finals. They are the underdog in the Stanley Cup Finals, but with Ovechkin in their team, we’re sure the Golden Knights won’t have an easy job.

Here are the outright winner odds for the 2018 Stanley Cup from 5 popular online betting sites:


SportPesaSportPesa is a new online bookmaker specializing in football. They cover most football leagues from around the world, but also have a large collection of other sports you can place your bets on. The site offers a £10 matched bet for newcomers for a bet of the same amount. The promotion doesn’t count for e-wallets. Besides this bonus token, SportPesa also offers Best Odds Guaranteed for horse racing.

When it comes to the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals, SportPesa has the Vegas Golden Knights as a favorite, giving them odds of 2/5. The Washington Capitals are the underdog with odds of 2/1. Putting money on the Capitals will triple your investment if they win the title, which means you can end up getting a lot of money in return for your bet. The team from the capital of the USA is certainly not an underdog if you ask experts. They should be able to rely on experience and the great Alexander Ovechkin to finally win their first title in team history.


Fun88Fun88 is a new British online bookmaker licensed by the UK and Isle of Man Gambling Commission. The site is the official shirt sponsor for the Premier League team Newcastle United and the official betting partner of another Premier League team, Tottenham Hotspur F.C. for Asia. The most popular betting market on the site is football, but Fun88 also offers betting on other sports including the NHL, tennis, basketball, and golf. If you’re into horse racing, Fun88 offers Best Odds Guaranteed for a maximum bonus of £1000.

For the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals, Fun88 favors the Vegas Golden Knights over the Washington Capitals. The Nevada-based team has been given odds of 2/5, leaving the Capitals trailing behind with odds of 2/1. Although the Knights are the obvious favorite, experts think that the Capitals certainly stand a chance. They are in their first Stanley Cup since 1998 and will definitely try their best to lift the title. Washington’s odds promise a nice payout even for a smaller bet, so why not pick them?


MintBetMintBet is a promising British online bookmaker and the online version of McBride Racing, a popular Irish independent bookmaker. The site has many promotions and bonuses, including a 20% cash boost on triples for football punters as well as Best Odds Guaranteed for horse and greyhound racing fans. They even have a special for the upcoming World Cup you should definitely take a look at.

MintBet includes the NHL and the Stanley Cup Finals in their offer. Again, the Vegas Golden Knights are favorites with odds of 2/5. The Washington Capitals are not too far behind with odds of 2/1 which guarantees a better payout if they lift the title. Even if you put a small bet on the Capitals, you will triple your investment if they defeat the Knights. Betting on the Knights gives you a better chance to win as they’re clear favorites but will also get you less money in return for your bet, so why not put some money on the underdog?


BetserBetser is an online betting site and casino registered in Malta and regulated by the gambling laws of this European country. Instead of going with the classic Sign-Up Bonus, Betser gives newcomers a Ball or Brain depending if the odds on the ticket are under or over 8.00. These interesting bonuses can then be redeemed in Betser’s store for free bets. It’s a great idea which should keep punters placing bets. The site offers great coverage of Scandinavian sports, but there’s also an extensive list of other sports you can put money on.

Betser offers many markets for the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals including Outright Winner. Unsurprisingly, they have the Vegas Golden Knights as favorites with odds of 2/5. The Capitals are behind with odds of 2/1, and although not favorites, they will line your pockets with a lot more cash than betting on the Knights. Many experts are backing them up, so you may want to consider your options carefully before placing your bet.


LetouLetou is a relatively new player on the British bookmaker’s market, but they were quite established in Asia for years before. They are the official shirt sponsor of Premier League team Swansea City AFC which made them quite popular in England. Unlike others, the site doesn’t have a free Sign-Up bonus but does offer the standard Best Odds Guarantee on Irish and UK horse racing. Letou also has weekly promotions in different markets and sports you should definitely check out.

For the 2018 Stanley Cup winner, Letou favors the Knights. They are again given odds of 2/5 to win it all, while the Capitals are behind with odds of 2/1. It’s fair to say that the Capitals are certainly not without chances. They have one of the best NHL players ever in their team, so writing them off may be a big mistake. Plus, they offer more bang for per buck, so maybe you should put a reasonable bet on them.