Mars, Space Specials Odds

Mars, Space Specials OddsOne of the biggest achievements in humanity’s history is likely to be witnessed by our generation, as sending the first person on Mars seems more real now than ever before. People such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Boeing’s Dennis Muilenburg have been pushing the boundaries of space exploration with their innovative rockets and space vehicles and it is only a matter of time before the first human sets foot on Mars.

This epic space race is also covered by some reputable betting operators who provide prospective punters with the chance to bet on which space oriented company will be the first to send its crew on the Red Planet. In this article we will focus on the Mars betting offer from two such betting operators, EnergyBet and LVBet.


EnergyBetEnergyBet is operated by Probe Investments Limited and is regulated by Malta’s gambling regulatory bodies. Their betting offer includes all the sports events a person can think of, as well as political elections, natural phenomena and space specials such as the Mars space race.

If you are not a regular punter, but you are intrigued by the race for the Red Planet, EnergyBet will provide you with their generous Welcome Bonus of 100% on your first deposit up to £25 as their first time client.

EnergyBet’s biggest favourite to put the first human on Mars is Elon Musk’s company SpaceX. The pioneering space travel enterprise is given odds of 1/4 to send the first person on the Red Planet.

Musk’s company is followed Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, which at odds of 5/2 is a good candidate for a value bet on a slight underdog, which can end up being very profitable for you.

The last candidate to send a human being on Mars according to EnergyBet is Boeing. The American company will definitely surprise many people if they are the first to win this particular space race, and as a result they have been given odds of 9/2.


LV BETLV BET is a bookmaker which operates from Malta and is regulated by Maltese regulatory bodies (the Malta Gaming Authority). Their betting offer and portfolio is as rich as any other bookmaker and then some.

For the betting special ‘Company to Put Human Being on Mars First’, LV BET give punters some enticing odds which when combined with one of their bonuses, like the 100% Welcome Bonus on first deposits up to €50, can prove to be quite profitable.

SpaceX is LV BET’s biggest contender to put the first human being on Mars and if they do that and you back them, you can look forward to cashing in their enticing odds of 1/4 for the California based company. It is said that Elon Musk has put all of his focus on this space endeavor, even neglecting his beloved Tesla venture, so these odds are surprising no one.

Blue Origin is another company with a realistic chance of being the first enterprise to send a person on Mars and they are given odds of 5/2 to do this.

The last candidate in LV BET’s offer is Boeing as the American company is given odds of 9/2 to upstage the two more likely outfits.