George Groves vs Callum Smith Boxing Odds

Notice! Actual odds are subject to change and are correct as displayed only at the time of publishing: 09:08 AM 26.06.2018.

George Groves vs Callum Smith BoxingAfter being medically cleared to fight in the final of the super-middleweight tournament, George Groves is expected to face Callum Smith at a currently unspecified date this summer. The fight was originally supposed to take place on July 2, 2018, but after a surgery to repair his dislocated shoulder, Groves was given a 3-month extension for medical clearance and is now set to fight Smith in the final, who has previously declined to fight semi-final runner-up Chris Eubank Jr.

Groves is the current WBA World Champion and has held the super-middleweight title since 2017, successfully defending it twice. The popular boxer sustained a serious dislocated shoulder during this year’s semi-final in the super-middleweight tournament against Chris Eubank Jr. and had to undergo a surgery to stabilize his joint. The organizers proposed a solution to the problem, offering Eubank Jr. as a replacement for the injured Groves, but second-seeded Callum Smith declined the offer and said he’d rather wait for Groves to recover.

Callum Smith is a former super-middleweight world champion, having held the British, European and WBC titles between 2015 and 2017. He’s coming from a boxer family with all three of his brothers (Paul, Liam, and Stephen) being professional boxers. Smith has yet to suffer a defeat in his professional career, having won 17 out of his 24 fights with a knockout.


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Of course, the bookie offers betting on many boxing bouts including the upcoming Groves vs. Smith super-middleweight final. Just like most experts, Fun88 gives slightly better chances to George Groves with odds of 20/29 over Callum Smith’s 21/20. Even with a serious surgery behind him, the bookmaker clearly feels that Groves will defend his title for the third time.

However, Groves’ odds are not very appealing at 20/29. Betting on Smith’s odds will double your investment, and it’s not like he’s without chances. Let’s not forget that Callum Smith has yet to register a defeat in his career, which earns him a point in our book.


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When it comes to the upcoming super-middleweight final fight, RedZoneSports favours George Groves as the favourite, giving popular Saint George odds of 5/7. Callum Smith is not far behind with odds of 11/10 which are far more appealing. The undefeated Smith will be looking to bring the fight to Groves who has just been declared fit for the bout, which raises suspicions over his form. If you want to make some money in return for a nice bet, we suggest going with Smith.


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Just like other bookmakers, SportNation gives George Groves the bigger chances of winning the super-middleweight title. He’s being given odds of 20/29 which look rather unappealing to Smith’s tempting 21/20.

Although Groves is the heavy favourite, this bookie clearly feels that Smith poses a threat. Callum Smith has been impatient to get in the ring with Groves, so he clearly feels that he can win it all. With odds of 21/20, he’s clearly the better option for experienced punters. If you’d like to play it safe, though, go with Groves.


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Ole777 favours Groves as the winner of the super-middleweight final tournament, making him a slight favourite over Smith (20/29 vs. 21/20). Although Groves’ odds are not bad, Smiths’ are far more tempting for experienced punters. Experts are not ruling out the possibility of a Groves loss in the final considering his inactivity over the past few months and his surgery. If you’re ready to take a gamble, we suggest putting a reasonable bet on Smith. If he manages to defeat Groves, you will be getting a nice sum in return for a reasonable bet.

Black Type

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When it comes to the World Boxing Super Series super-middleweight final, Groves is once again the heavy favourite with odds of 20/29. Smith is being given odds of 21/20 which are certainly more tempting. Placing your bet on Groves should be a safe bet, but why not make things fun and take a gamble on Callum Smith?

The English boxer will certainly be looking to snatch the title from Groves and the opportunity is surely there considering the Groves’ injury. A wager on Smith will more than double your invested amount – if you ask us, it’s a pretty good deal.