Formula 1 2018 Odds

Formula 1 2018Formula 1 is probably the most popular and most attractive racing sport among bettors. Although there are a number of racing events throughout the year, no competitions compare to the glamour of Formula 1. Will Ferrari be able to lift the first trophy since 2008 when Raikkonen helped them win the championship, or will Mercedes have a fifth fantastic year in a row?

According to Rosberg, Mercedes will dominate for another year with his former teammate Hamilton lifting another trophy, his fifth. The bookies have a lot to say about that too. According to their odds-makers, Hamilton is the leading favourite for the 2018 season.


Fun88Despite being established 10 years ago, Fun88 began working its way up into our conscious mind only recently, when the brand started backing up English football clubs with sponsorship deals. Today, Fun88 is most popular with the fans of Newcastle, Burnley and Tottenham, but also with many other UK bettors in general.

Account holders at Fun88 can enjoy a healthy dose of bonuses, where the welcome bonus of £28 is supposed to act as an ice-breaker and give you a glimpse into the opportunities here. You can use this bonus to bet on the Formula 1 champion for the new season.

According to Fun88 and all the other bookies, Hamilton is the favourite with odds 21/20. He has twice the better odds than Vettel (7/2), who is considered his biggest contender for the 2018 season. After all, Hamilton is the best racer of his generation and one of the best in the history of Formula 1 in general.


Black TypeThis sports betting website has been active for only two years after it was launched in 2016 by the company Black Type Services Ltd licenced in the United Kingdom. BlackType offers sports betting, in-play betting and casino games, all available through the BlackType mobile app too.

At BlackType you can bet on lots of different racing categories, among which Formula 1. Besides betting on the driver champion for the new season, you can also bet on the constructor champion where Mercedes is leading the list as the favourite with odds 8/15. Red Bull Racing comes in second with 13/5, while Ferrari stands at third with 10/3. If you want to bet on the drivers, you will notice that Hamilton occupies the same favourite position, far above the rest with odds 21/20.

BlackType does not offer a welcome free bet for Formula 1 betting, but you can make use of the subsequent promotions and bonuses and use them to boost your Formula 1 bet.


SportNationSportNation is one of the latest bookies that has taken its business to the UK market by obtaining a UK licence from the Gambling Commission. You may recognise this brand as the official betting partner of the Barmy Army.

At SportNation, you can bet on Formula 1 with a selection of different bonuses. You can start with the welcome bonus, where your first deposit of £200 as a SportNation bettor is spiced up with £100 free in the form of a bonus, leaving you with £300 to bet on your favourite.

Speaking of favourites, the situation is the same here too. Hamilton (1/1) and Mercedes (5/11) are dominating the list of competitors with Haas (2500/1), Sauber (1000/1), Kevin Magnussen (1000/1) and Romain Grosjean (1000/1) as the utter underdogs that can bring the most money with the least bet.


RedZoneSportsRedZoneSports maybe most useful for bettors that like to bet on American sports, but that does not mean you should leave this bookie out when it comes to betting on other sports such as Formula 1. RedZoneSports is passionate about every betting opportunity there is, and Formula 1 is one of those.

The welcome bonus for that is capped at £200. By using the promo code RZ200 on your first deposit, you can score up to £200 in bonuses and use it to bet on Formula 1. This means you can afford an extra £200 to make a bet on your favourite, boosting your potential pay out.

Apart from that, you can score £10 free bets every Monday, and bet on the Premier League with a 25% free cash boost. There are also frequent NFL promotions if you like American football betting.


MintBetMintBet was first launched in 2017, so it may be virtually an unknown name to you. But, if you are from Ireland and know the name of McBrides Racing, you may know the people behind MintBet too. After McBrides Racing seized to be after 40 years in operation, MintBet was created from its ashes, which means there are very well experienced people behind this bookie.

At MintBet Mercedes (8/15) and Hamilton (21/20) are the favourites, which goes without mentioning. The thing that is worth knowing are the sports promotions, which you can use for your favourite sports such as Formula 1. You will find a rich offering here, mostly for sports like football and horseracing, although you will not find a welcome bonus for the time being.