F1 French GP Odds Preview

Notice! Actual odds are subject to change and are correct as displayed only at the time of publishing: 08:50 AM 20.06.2018.

2018 F1 French GPThe 2018 F1 French GP will be held on June 24, 2018, at the Circuit Paul Ricard. The French GP is returning to the Formula One championship after 10 years, being ceased temporarily due to financial and venue issues. The French GP is one of the oldest motor races in the world, eclipsed only by the Australian Grand Prix.

The 2018 French GP will certainly be one of the most exciting races in the Formula One championship. With the championship already underway, the French GP may end up being a key race that might ultimately help some of the favorites lift the trophy. At the moment, Sebastian Vettel is at the top of the table with current champion Lewis Hamilton being right on his heels. The other racers are waiting their chance from behind and will certainly try to win any races in order to get more points and possibly get a chance at the trophy.


RedZoneSportsOffering to bring an American flair to the British online betting market, RedZoneSports has become the favorite for punters interested in American sports. The bookie also offers betting in other markets and sports including the F1 championship races.

RedZoneSports has an immense collection of F1 markets you can place your bets on. For the French GP, they’re giving Vettel slightly better chances over Hamilton (31/20 vs. 33/20). Bottas (27/4) and Ricciardo (31/4) are locked into a battle of their own, with Verstappen (8/1) and Raikkonen (21/4) lurking behind.

In the Winning Team market, RedZoneSports has Mercedes as the favorites at 1/1 odds. Ferrari is behind with odds of 5/4, while Red Bull is being given unfavorable odds of 19/4.

Besides these markets, RedZoneSports also gives you the chance to bet on Practice 1 winner in the French GP, Podium Position, Top 6 Finish, Winning Margin, Grid Position of Winner and many more. As you can see, you have a lot of options at your disposal, so choose wisely.


EnergyBetAlthough a newcomer on the British online betting market, EnergyBet has gained quite a few customers mostly due to the massive selection of sports to bet on. Offering some of the best odds in business, EnergyBet is a favorite for thousands of British punters and it’s only a matter of time before it climbs even higher on the ladder.

EnergyBet offers a total of 11 markets for the Formula 1 French Grand Prix. Just like at other bookies, Hamilton and Vettel are tied as top favorites, both having odds of 8/5. They are followed by Bottas with odds of 7/1, Verstappen and Ricciardo with odds of 8/1 and Raikkonen with odds of 11/1. EnergyBet doesn’t really consider the other players as favorites – for example, former champion Fernando Alonso is being given odds of 500/1.

When it comes to the winning team, Mercedes is leading the way with odds of 5/6, with Ferrari behind with odds of 16/15. You can also place a bet on the First Car to Retire market, Winning Margin, Safety Car During the Race, Podium Position, First Driver to Retire and even Winning Nationality.


LetouLetou is a relatively new player on the British online market that is already building quite a reputation for itself. Although there are currently no promo offers at the site, Letou attracts punters with quite competitive odds and a variety of sports to place your bets on.

For the F1 French GP that will take place on June 24, 2018, Letou favors Sebastian Vettel as the winner with odds of 6/4. Lewis Hamilton is right on his heels with odds of 8/5 and is followed by Bottas with odds of 13/2, Ricciardo at 15/2, Verstappen at 31/4 and Raikkonen at 10/1, who’s closing the group of first 6 favorites.

Mercedes is again the top favorite for Winning Team at the French GP, being given even odds (1/1). Not surprisingly, Ferrari is second on the list with odds of 5/4.

You can also place a bet on Practice 1 Winner of the French GP, First Driver\Team to Retire, Podium Position, Top 6 Finish or Winning Nationality, where German and British are sharing odds of 6/4.


LV BETLV BET is a new bookie on the British gambling scene which is registered in Malta. It offers quite an attractive bonus for newcomers as well as promotions for the main sports event this summer – the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Of course, LV BET offers a variety of sporting markets to bet on, including attractive odds for the F1 French GP.

When it comes to the Race Winner, LV BET can’t separate Hamilton and Vettel, giving both of them odds of 8/5. Right behind them are Bottas (7/1), Verstappen (8/1), Ricciardo (8/10), and Raikkonen (11/1).

You can also bet on Top 3 Finish, Winning Nationality, Combination Podium Finish or First Driver to Retire.

LV BET favors Mercedes as the Winning Team at the French GP, giving them odds of 5/6. Ferrari is right behind with odds of 15/16. If you don’t want to bet on this market, you can try your hand at First Team to Retire, Winning Margin or guess if the safety car will appear during the race (1/2 for Yes; 7/5 for No).