F1 Brazilian GP 2018 Betting and Odds Preview

Notice! Actual odds are subject to change and are correct as displayed only at the time of publishing: 10:07 AM 07.11.2018.

formula1Although the current season of the Formula One Championship is over considering the fact that Lewis Hamilton won the title after Max Verstappen’s win at the Mexico GP, there are still 2 races to go till the end. Of course, no one can catch Hamilton at the top spot, but that doesn’t mean that the races won’t be exciting. With the title chase over, young guns such as Verstappen or Ferrari’s new driver Charles Leclerc will have a chance to showcase their quality and put themselves on the map.

Lewis Hamilton is the new reigning champion in the Formula One Championship, winning his 2nd title in a row and his 5th overall. The Brit has been a dominant force in the Driver’s Championship for a major part of the season, especially in the second half when Sebastian Vettel’s frequent mistakes wrote Ferrari’s chances off. The season started in spectacular fashion with Vettel winning the first 2 races until Ricciardo, Verstappen, and Hamilton got into the mix. As soon as Hamilton overtook Vettel at the top spot, the Brit was unstoppable, even winning 4 races in a row at one point, which effectively ended Ferrari’s title hopes.

Besides the top two drivers, young Dutch-Belgian driving sensation Max Verstappen showed that he’ll be a force to be reckoned in the future after winning a pair of races this season and ending up on the podium a few times more. Daniel Ricciardo had a great season as well. The Australian is a driver who should never be written off, which he showed this season with 2 wins at the China and Monaco GP.

It will be quite interesting to see who wins the final 2 races (Brazil and Abu Dhabi this year) with fans hoping that some of the younger drivers will appear on the podium. After signing with Ferrari for the next 2 years, it will be quite interesting to see if Charles Leclerc can appear on the podium and show the Italian carmaker that his signing wasn’t a mistake.

Who’s the Favourite?

Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari
Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari

Not surprisingly, Vettel and Hamilton are the bookie favourites for the Brazilian GP. Both drivers have been locked in a tight battle for the top since the season begun and will definitely like to add another trophy to their collection. Vettel and Hamilton’s chances are equal – they are available at 7/4 at MansionBet, SportNation, Fun88, and Letou, and 9/5 at RedZoneSports.

The situation in the other markets is somewhat the same. Vettel holds a slight lead over Hamilton in the Podium Position market (4/17 vs/ 4/13 at the same bookies), and they’re tied at the top of the list of favourites in the Top 6 and Top 10 Finish markets (1/9 and 1/15 respectively).

If Vettel can avoid making mistakes and stay focused on the race, he can take the trophy. No matter the shortcomings this year, he’s still a quality driver and the biggest threat to Lewis Hamilton’s title chances. Speaking of (possible) future title threats, Ferrari’s new acquisition Charles Leclerc is available at 950/1. The odds aren’t very enticing, but who knows – the kid may be inspired by his new Ferrari deal and outrace all the favourites.

What Are Hamilton’s Chances?

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

As we’ve already mentioned, Hamilton and Vettel are tied as bookie’s favourites when it comes to the Brazilian GP. Both drivers have been given equal chances at bookies on more than one occasion this year, which shows that the difference between them is minimal. If Vettel didn’t make so many mistakes this year, he could have very well ended the champion.

The close fight between Hamilton and Vettel for the Brazilian GP continues in other markets as well, where the Brit is either tied with or just behind the German. His chances of appearing on the podium are 4/13 behind Vettel’s 4/17 (SportNation, RedZoneSports, Fun88, Letou, and MansionBet) while being tied with the German driver in the Top 6 and Top 10 Finish markets (1/9, 1/15 at all aforementioned bookies).

Even though he’s won the title, bookies clearly believe that Lewis Hamilton won’t back down from adding another win to his name. The reigning F1 champion has won the Brazilian GP only once in his illustrious career (2016), and after last year’s disappointing performance, he’ll be poised for a better showing.

Can Verstappen End the Season on a High Note?

Max Verstappen, Red Bull
Max Verstappen, Red Bull

After years of brilliant flashes and disappointing lows, Max Verstappen finally blossomed this year, showing that he has the ability to challenge Hamilton and Vettel for years to come. Being only 21, Verstappen has shown that he can compete with the best, winning 2 races this year and appearing on the podium several times more. Mentored by his father and former F1 driver Jos Verstappen, we’re sure that Max will be a household name in the near future.

Verstappen’s name has popped up on the list of bookies favourites quite often this year and for a good reason. Currently sitting on the 5th spot in the driver’s standings, Verstappen has impressed pundits and fans so far, and many are quite excited about his chances at the Brazilian GP after he won the previous race in the championship in Mexico.

If you’re a fan on Verstappen and truly believe he has what it takes to win two races in a row, he’s available at 27/4 at SportNation, Letou, RedZoneSports, Fun88, and MansionBet. The Dutch-Belgian driver is among the top 5 favourites to appear on the podium as well with odds of 13/10 at all bookies. Sure, Raikkonen and Bottas might be in front of him in all markets, but considering the season he’s had, our money would be on him.

Raikkonen and Bottas’s Chances

Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes
Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes

Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas have been locked in a quite interesting battle for the 3rd spot, with the former currently having the upper hand. However, they are separated by only 9 points with 2 races left until the end of the season, which means that the 3rd spot could soon change hands.

Their chances of winning the race and appearing on the podium are quite close, just like their chance of finishing among the top 6 or 10 drivers. Bottas is given odds of 10/13 to appear on the podium at SportNation, Fun88, MansionBet, RedZoneSports, and Letou, while Raikkonen’s odds stand at 21/20. When it comes to the Top 6 finish, their chances are the same – 4/17. In the Top 10 market, Bottas is in a slight lead with odds of 1/9 vs. Raikkonen’s 1/8.

This means that bookies can’t clearly separate both drivers and a glance at the Driver’s Standings will tell you the same. When it comes to the Finnish pair, you should just follow your gut.

Which Team Will Win the Race?

When it comes to the winning team, the favourites are a mirror image of the bookie’s winner favourites. As Vettel and Hamilton have equal chances of winning the Brazilian GP, the situation is almost the same in the Winning Team market. Ferrari holds the upper hand over Mercedes, but only by a fraction (21/20 vs. 11/10 at RedZoneSports, Fun88, Letou, SportNation, and MansionBet).

With both titles already decided and the odds for both teams not highly enticing, we think you’re better off wagering on some of the other teams. If you believe that Red Bull will win, the chances of it happening are 17/4. If you believe that a Renault car will win the race, the French constructor is available at a whopping 225/1, which could bring a lot of money in your pockets.