F1 Canadian GP Odds

F1 Canadian GP 2018The Formula One Canadian GP will be held on Sunday, June 10, 2018, with practice and qualifications being held a few days before the race. The annual auto race has been held in Canada since 1961 and is a part of the F1 World Championship since 1967. The race is held at the Gilles Villeneuve circuit, where drivers will fight for the number 1 spot over 70 laps.

Last year, the race was won by Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton who also holds the fastest lap record on the Canadian Grand Prix. This popular race was the third most watched sports event in 2015 (behind the Super Bowl and UEFA Champions League final) which shows just how important racing fans think it is. The great Michael Schumacher has recorded most wins on the circuit with 7, with four-time champion Lewis Hamilton being right behind him with 6.

This year’s Canadian GP will be particularly interesting as it can help title favorites such as Hamilton or Vettel climb up further on the ladder. Both Vettel and Hamilton have two wins in the first 6 races of the 2018 F1 season and although the Brit is in the lead, Vettel could soon overtake him with a win at the Canadian GP.
Here are the odds for this exciting race from 5 well-known online betting sites:


Red ZoneSportsRed ZoneSports specialize in betting on American team sports such as the NBA or NHL. However, they also offer a wide range of other sports and markets you can wager on. They have a great promotion for newcomers (£25 free bonus) and run special promotions which will definitely keep you interested.

When it comes to the Canadian Grand Prix, RedZoneSports keeps Hamilton and Vettel close with odds of 7/5 and 6/4 respectively. Finnish driver Valtteri Botas comes next with odds of 6/1, followed by his fellow countryman Kimi Raikkonen with odds of 9/1. The group of first six favorites is completed with Max Verstappen (9/1) and this season’s surprise Daniel Ricciardo (19/1).
Former F1 champion Fernando Alonso has odds of 450/1, while Lance Stroll and Marcus Ericsson are the most unlikely winners for the Canadian GP with odds of 3025/1 and 3529/1 respectively.

Besides the winner market, RedZoneSports also offers betting in the Top 6, Top 10, Podium Position, Winning Team, Winning Nationality, Fastest Qualifier and a host of other markets for the upcoming F1 race.


SportNationSportNation has caught the attention of thousands of punters after rebranding last year (formerly known as Bet On Brazil). The bookmaker offers enticing odds in many sports markets and runs special offers for new and existing customers which can be put to good use. SportNation offers betting on any popular sport including races from the Formula One Championship.

For the Canadian GP, SportNation gives a slight nod to Hamilton over Vettel as the outright winner (27/20 vs. 29/20). Next on the list of winner favorites are Bottas (23/4), Raikkonen (35/4), Verstappen (35/4) and Ricciardo (18/1).

From there, the odds for the other players take a huge dip. Alonso and Sergio Perez are being given odds of 425/1, while Marcus Ericsson is again the most unlikely favorite, being given odds of an incredible 3460/1.

If you fancy betting in other markets for the race, you can try your hand at guessing the Top 6, Top 10, Fastest Qualifier, Podium Position. Practice Winner and even Winning Margin. There are plenty of options to pick from, so choose wisely.


LetouAlthough a relatively new player on the British bookmaker scene, Letou was one of the first online bookmakers in Asia. Since establishing its business in the UK, Letou has become quite popular with English football fans after becoming the main shirt sponsor of Premier League team Swansea City.

Letou offers a great variety of sports events and markets you can bet on and special offers as well. There’s no welcome bonus which has become a standard offer for online bookmakers, but Letou will reward you with free bet bonuses if you pledge your loyalty to them.

Of course, Letou offers many markets for the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix and Formula One Championship as well. Just like SportNation, Letou has Hamilton as the outright winner favorite with odds of 27/20. Sebastian Vettel is breathing in his neck with odds of 29/20, while the chances of Bottas, Raikkonen, Verstappen, and Ricciardo are slightly worse (23/4. 35/4, 35/4 and 18/1 respectively).

If you’re into betting for the Top 6 Finish, Hamilton and Vettel are again the favorites with shared odds of 1/9. You can also place your bets in the Top 10 Market, Fastest Qualifier, Winning Team, Practice 1 winner or even try guessing the first player to retire. There’s really no shortage of markets on Letou.


Fun88Fun88 is popular mostly because of being the main shirt sponsor of Newcastle United. The online bookmaker offers great promotions and specials for selected sports events and a wide range of sports you can place your bets on. If you’re a newcomer, you qualify for a £28 bonus after your first 6 qualifying bets.

When it comes to the Canadian GP, Fun88 offers a host of markets you can bet on. They have Lewis Hamilton as the favorite in the outright winner market, giving him odds of 27/20. Title challenger Sebastian Vettel’s odds are almost equal to Hamilton’s (29/20). Valtteri Botas and Kimi Raikkonen have odds of 23/4 and 35/4, while Verstappen and Ricciardo stand at 35/4 and 18/1 respectively.

The odds for the rest of the players are not that great – for example, Fernando Alonso has odds of 425/1, while Niko Hulkenberg stands at 975/1. Hamilton’s and Vettel’s odds are certainly enticing, but Formula 1 has always been a wild ride, so you should consider your options carefully.


Sport PesaOriginally from Kenya, Sport Pesa has only recently entered the European market after getting a few sponsorships with football teams. The bookmaker has a “Bet £10, Get £10” Matched Bet promo for new customers as well as a variety of exciting specials which will definitely interest many punters.

Sport Pesa sees Lewis Hamilton as the favorite for the Canadian Grand Prix, giving him odds of 27/20. Vettel is trailing close behind with odds of 29/20, with Bottas being the third favorite for the win with odds of 23/4. Raikkonen has odds of 35/4 just like Max Verstappen, while Daniel Ricciardo completes the list of the top 6 outright winner favorites with odds of 18/1.

The other players are being given surprisingly low odds of winning the race, with former Formula One champion Fernando Alonso standing at 425/1. Of course, if you fancy trying your hand at some of the other markets for this exciting Formula 1 race, Sport Pesa offers all of them.