Deontay Wilder vs Dominic Breazeale Betting and Odds Preview

Notice! Actual odds are subject to change and are correct as displayed only at the time of publishing: 01:45 PM 29.03.2019.
deontay wilder
Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder will face Dominic Breazeale in New York on May 18 in a fight which will probably be as one sided as a fight can be. Wilder has even predicted that a massacre will take place and that he feels like the clash with Breazeale is just a mandatory match which he should just get out of the way so that he can focus on bigger fish to fry, although if you ask him, there probably isn’t a bigger fish in the pond than himself.

The one-sidedness of the fight is also obvious from the fact that all major news outlets are reporting about the fight as the Deontay Wilder fight and nobody seems to notice that there is another fighter in the ring as well. This might work to Breazeale’s advantage as he will have zero pressure on his shoulders and all the eyes will be on the heavyweight title holder.

Bookmakers have already come out with odds for the David versus Goliath fight and as you can imagine those odds are pretty much one sided and hugely in favour of Wilder. However, Breazeale shouldn’t be written of that easily especially as his record is 20 – 1 with 18 KOs and his only defeat coming to Anthony Joshua.

Event Date: May 18, 2019


fun88Fun88 favourize Wilder more than other bookmakers and they give The Bronze Bomber odds of 1/8 to triumph over Dominic Breazeale. The WBC heavyweight champion has an amazing record which reads 40 wins and 1 draw and it is not a surprise that Breazeale is given only miniscule chances of a surprise by the betting operator which gives him odds of 17/4.

Now these odds for Wilder are definitely not enticing enough for you to consider backing the American with anything other than an extraordinarily high stake, but there are other markets which you should consider which come with higher odds. One such market is the ‘Deontay Wilder to win by KO, TKO or Disqualification’ one which comes with higher odds of 5/9.

If you choose to back Dominic Breazeale on the other hand, you shouldn’t have any problem with big winnings especially as even a small deposit can increase your initial deposit almost six fold.


bethardBethard shares similar sentiments as Fun88 and other bookmakers when the favourite of this fight is concerned, but it is noticeable that the bookmaker works with a lower margin as they offer higher odds for both Wilder and Breazeale.

The odds they give for Deontay Wilder are set at 4/27, which are slightly higher than any of the bookmakers reviewed here. The same goes for Dominic Breazeale’s odds as he also comes with slightly higher odds of 19/4.

The bad feelings which were evident in the Wilder – Breazeale pre-fight trash talk date back to a hotel incident which happened after they fought on the same card a couple of years ago and this seems to have caused even more bad blood in the relationship between the two fighters.

Wilder is likely to be the one who will channel all that anger better of the two and it is very hard to imagine that Breazeale will not succumb to defeat early in the bout. Bethard offers quite enticing odds of 3/1 for Deontay Wilder to Win in Rounds 4-6, which is pretty much expected by most boxing experts and at those odds is a great opportunity for punters.


mansionbetMansionBet stands firmly behind Deontay Wilder and they feel that the WBC heavyweight champion since 2015 is the undoubted favourite to win this fight. As a result they give Wilder very low odds of 1/8 and if you want to make a profit at those odds you will have to back Deontay substantially.

However, backing Wilder substantially is something which should seriously be taken into consideration as he is one of the rare top fighters who actually stuck to cable TV as a result of his respect for the loyalty shown to him.

This is indicative of a fighter who talks a lot of trash talk, but is actually very professional and will never in a million years underestimate an opponent even if he publicly says so. So when he says that Breazeale will hit the canvas hard on May 18, you better believe him as there has been a lot of preparation and focus before that statement has been made.

That’s why Breazeale’s odds of 17/4 which MansionBet assigns to him are quite fair and represent his realistic chances of victory, which in all honesty are quite slim.


redzonesportsRedZoneSports is somewhere in between Bethard on one side and Fun88 and MansionBet on the other, when it comes to the odds they assign to both fighters. They estimate that Wilder is the clear and undisputed favourite here and as a result they give him odds of 2/15, slightly higher than Fun88 and MansionBet.

As with other bookmakers Dominic Breazeale’s odds are not so favourable and at 17/4 are quite high. As such they represent a nice opportunity for punters who chase high yielding betting propositions.

This might not seem as such a crazy endeavour if you consider Dominic’s recent history of matches and his very respectable record. His only defeat to date is to none other than Anthony Joshua and before that bout which took place at the O2 Arena in London, Breazeale was undefeated in all of his 17 matches.

What’s more, even after that defeat, Breazeale managed to bounce back and to record victories against respectable opponents such as Carlos Negron, Eric Molina and Izu Ugonoh. Will Wilder become Breazeale next victim? That’s highly unlikely, but it might be worth a cheeky punt.