Cricket Caribbean Premier League 2018 Winner Odds

CLP T20 Cricket Caribbean Premier League 2018The Cricket Caribbean Premier League is an annual Twenty20 cricket tournament which started in 2013. Commonly abbreviated as CPL (CPLT20), the tournament features 6 teams from the West Indies. It takes place in the summer, with the last edition being held between June and August.

The six teams in the tournament play between each other in a group stage and knockout format which includes 2 semi-finals and a final. In the group stage, the teams play 3 matches at home out of 10 matches in total. The unusual format is because the teams play 5 matches at a single playing site before moving on to another venue for the remainder of the season. All six teams have a stadium which they use as a home venue.

The 6 teams featured in this year’s tournament are the Guyana Amazon Warriors (located in Georgetown, Guyana), Barbados Tridents (Barbados), Trinbago Knight Riders (Trinidad and Tobago), St Lucia Stars (St. Lucia), Jamaica Tallawahs (Jamaica), and St Kitts and Nevis Patriots (Saint Kitts and Nevis). The current champions are the Knight Riders while current runners-up are the Patriots.

Mansion Bet

Mansion BetAlthough a popular casino site for a long time, Mansion Bet has entered the sportsbook market since February 2018 and is already establishing itself as a reputable bookmaker. The site offers enticing promotions and quite attractive odds for many different sports and markets. If you’re new to Mansion Bet, we suggest using their lucrative bonus offer.

When it comes to the CPLT20, Mansion Bet offers enticing odds in the outright winner market. Current champions Trinbago Knight Riders are the top favorite with odds of 49/20 and are closely followed by the Jamaica Tallawahs (33/10). The St Kitts and Nevis Patriots share the Tallawahs’ odds of 33/10 and are in front of the Barbados Tridents (17/4), St Lucia Stars (21/4), and Guyana Amazon Warriors with odds of 23/4.

You have to agree that the odds at Mansion Bet are pretty attractive. Even if you put money on the top favorite (Knight Riders) you’re going to get a nice sum of money in return, even more so if you bet on the other teams.

Red Zone Sports

Red Zone SportsAlthough still young on the British betting market, Red Zone Sports has established itself as the premier betting site for American sports (football, soccer, basketball, NHL, NFL). Of course, they have a great selection of other sports you can bet on and offer quite enticing odds. Red Zone Sports currently runs a great World Cup promo offer which you definitely shouldn’t miss.

For the 2018 Cricket Carribean Premier League, Red Zone Sports sees the Trinbago Knight Riders as the main favorite, giving the Trinidad and Tobago outfit odds of 49/20. Next in line are the Jamaica Tallawahs with 33/10, sharing the same odds with the St Kitts and Nevis Patriots. The Tridents come behind them with odds of 17/4, followed by the Stars and Amazon Warriors with odds of 21/4 and 23/4 respectively.

Red Zone Sports’ odds for the CPL are great – betting on the top favorite Trinbago Knight Riders will more than triple your investment. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can place a bet on the other teams for a chance at an even bigger payout.

Sport Nation

Sport NationJust like Red Zone Sports, Sport Nation is a newcomer on the British bookmaking scene. It was known as Bet on Brazil up until August 2017 when the site rebranded. Sport Nation has since become the favorite of hundreds of punters thanks to their great odds in different markets and the promotions and special offers they often run.

Of course, Sport Nation offers betting on the Outright Winner market for the 2018 edition of the CPLT20. Again, the Trinbago Knight Riders are slight favorites before the Tallawahs and Patriots (49/20 vs. 33/10 vs. 33/10). The remaining three teams are trailing behind the three top favorites – the Tridents are being given odds of 17/4, the St Lucia Stars stand at 21/4 while the Guyana Amazon Warriors are last on the list with odds of 23/4.

Sport Nation’s odds are quite attractive. You can triple your original stake if you bet on the main favorite the Knight Riders but putting your money on the Jamaica Tallawahs will make your wallet even bigger, so choose wisely.


Fun88Fun88 have become the favorite of thousands of punters thanks to their great promotions. At the moment, the site doesn’t offer a sign-up bonus offer but does offer other special promotions you should definitely take a look at. Of course, Fun88 has a host of sports and markets you can bet on and offers quite competitive odds.

When it comes to the Cricket Caribbean Premier League, there are no surprises at Fun88. The Trinbago Knight Riders are the favorites once again, being given odds of 49/20. The Tallawahs and Patriots share 33/10 odds and are followed by the Tridents with 17/4, Stars at 21/4 and the Warriors 23/4.

The difference between the first 3 teams on the list is pretty small. Betting on the top favorite Knight Riders will bring back more than three times your invested amount, but the Tallawahs and Patriots odds are even higher and still not so far from the Knight Riders. Before placing a bet, make sure you choose carefully.


LetouThe popular bookmaker entered the British betting market more than 10 years ago, but only managed to become popular in the past few years. This is mostly due to their sponsorship deals with the Premier League and the fact that Letou is the main shirt sponsor of PL team Swansea City. Letou’s odds and promotions are great which is why the site has attracted thousands of punters.

For the 2018 CPLT20, Letou favors the Knight Riders with odds of 49/20. They are followed by the Tallawahs and Patriots with odds of 33/10, while the Tridents, Stars, and Warriors are considered outsiders with odds of 17/4, 21/4 and 23/4 respectively.

Letou’s odds are the same as the other bookies, so we suggest picking your options wisely. Going for the favorite (Trinbago Knight Riders) will bring you a great sum of money, but the odds for the other teams are great as well. Surprises can happen in any sport, so if you’re feeling lucky, you can try and bet on the teams with higher odds.


Ole777Created in 2017, Ole777 quickly gathered much attention from British punters thanks to their attractive sign-up offer (up to £30 Bonus) and other promotions. The bookie’s offers look great and their odds are competitive enough as well. Ole777 offers a variety of markets and sports to bet on including the CPLT20.

Just like all the other bookmakers, Ole777 gives the Trinbago Knight Riders the biggest odds of winning the title – they stand at 49/20. The Jamaica Tallawahs and St Nevis and Kitts Patriots are next in line with odds of 33/10, with the Tridents, Stars, and Warriors behind with odds of 17/4, 21/4 and 23/4.

The odds for this year’s CPLT20 are great. Placing a bet on the title favorites Knight Riders will more than triple your stake, but the odds for the other teams are great as well. Betting on the Patriots or Tallawahs will quadruple your investment and they aren’t without their chances, so choose your pick carefully.