Brian Ortega vs Max Holloway Odds

Notice! Actual odds are subject to change and are correct as displayed only at the time of publishing: 09:35 AM 04.07.2018.

UFC 226 Brian Ortega vs Max HollowayThe UFC 226 is an upcoming MMA event which will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on July 7. The event will feature a host of bouts between fighters in different UFC categories. Miocic vs Cormier is the main title fight at the event, but other bouts such as Rountree vs Saki and the second title fight at the event between Brian Ortega and Max Holloway are generating a lot of interest from UFC fans.

Ortega is the number one contender in the featherweight UFC division, while Holloway is the undisputed champion. With 14 wins from 15 fights, Ortega is considered a powerful fighter who can take anyone down in the Octagon no matter their record. He previously competed in the Legacy Fighting Alliance where he was a champion before moving to the UFC.

On the other hand, Holloway is the current UFC Featherweight Champion and is ranked 6th on the list of best pound-to-pound fighters in the UFC. The Hawaiian-American fighter has 19 wins in 22 bouts during his professional career and is widely considered one of the best fighters of his generation. He’ll be defending his title against Brian Ortega at the UFC 226, having defended it once against Jose Aldo at the UFC 218.

Although a favourite with bookies, Holloway will have to work hard to defeat Ortega, who is pretty quick and powerful and has won 3 Fight of the Night Awards and 2 Performance of the Night bonuses during his career.


RedZoneSportsWith numerous American sports in its offer, RedZoneSports has quickly gained the attention of British punters who are looking for another challenge than football or horse racing. The bookie offers a generous welcome offer and has a nice collection of special promotions (especially for the World Cup) which you shouldn’t miss.

When it comes to the Ortega vs Holloway bout, RedZoneSports favours the current champion, giving him quite unappealing odds of 20/33. Ortega’s odds of 23/20 look much better for punters, which doesn’t change the fact that he’s still an underdog.

If you’re not fond of betting on this market, RedZoneSports has a total of 6 you can place your bets on. You can try guessing the number of rounds in the Over/Under Full Time market (10/13 for Over 3.5, 10/11 for Under 3.5), or try your hand at Total Rounds (10/13 Under 3.5, 20/23 for Over 3.5).

If you think that the fight will go to the distance, you can place a bet on Yes (13/10) or No (20/41). Finally, you can also wager in the Method of Victory or Round Betting markets, which offer attractive odds for more experienced punters.


SportNationFeaturing a host of popular sports events and great odds as well, SportNation has been one of the favourite British bookies since it’s 2017 rebrand. The bookie is a heaven for football fans, which doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of other sports, including those popular in the UK. SportNation has a nice welcome bonus as well as special promotions for different events and the Best Odds guaranteed offer for horse racing fans.

When it comes to the fight between Ortega and Holloway, SportNations has a great offer for new and experienced punters as well. Holloway is the favourite for defending his title with odds of 20/33, compared to Ortega’s 23/20. Although a favourite, Holloway’s odds won’t excite most punters, but Ortega’s might.

Just like RedZoneSports, SportNation offers a variety of markets (6 in total) for the bout that you should at least give a look before wagering. You can bet on the Fight to Go to the Distance (No – 20/41, Yes – 10/13), try the Over/Under Full Time Rounds market, try guessing the total rounds or put a bet on Round Betting.

Additionally, you can also choose the method of victory, which includes a draw for the match (49/1).


LetouFollowing big success in the Asian market, Letou has made the switch to the UK and quickly gained a fanbase thanks to sponsorship deals with Premier League clubs. Featuring a variety of sporting markets and great odds, Letou is becoming a household name across the UK.

Of course, this promising bookie offers betting on MMA events including the upcoming fight between Ortega and Holloway at the UFC 226. Nothing new here – Holloway is the undisputed favourite with odds of 20/33. Ortega isn’t lacking far behind with odds of 23/20, which are much more enticing than the odds for the current featherweight champion.

Besides the Full Time Winner market, Letou offers other markets for the bout you can place a bet on. This is where things get interesting – markets such as Round Betting or Method of Victory are where Letou really excels, offering enticing odds that will excite all punters. You can also place a bet if you think the Fight will Go to the Distance (a great 13/10 for Yes), or back either Holloway or Ortega to win by KO (43/20 – Holloway, 35/4 – Ortega).


LV BETLV BET is a relatively new European bookmaker that is earning quite the reputation for itself. As one of the bookies with the biggest sportsbook offer, the site appeals to a wide range of punters who are also excited about the bookie’s great special offers. LV BET even gives their most loyal punters points which can be later exchanged for real money.

Featuring a ton of fighting events, LV BET also includes betting on the Ortega vs Holloway match in their offer. Their odds differ from the other bookies slightly, but Holloway is still the main favourite at 3/5. Ortega’s odds of 6/5 are far more enticing for punters, who can also place a bet on the fight in other markets.

LV BET offers the Total Rounds market (Over 2.5 – 13/25, Under 2.5 – 27/20; Over 3.5 – 9/11, Under 3.5 – 7/8) as well as the Fight to Go to the Distance market (5/4 for Yes, 4/7 for No.) There’s plenty of options at your disposal, so go through them carefully before placing a bet.


EnergyBetEnergyBet offers betting on football, basketball, tennis, handball, boxing, MMA and a variety of others sports which makes it very attractive for all sports fans. Their odds are quite competitive in today’s market and the special promotions certainly add an exciting touch to this relatively new bookie. EnergyBet also offers a casino section if you’re into gambling.

For the Ortega vs Holloway match, EnergyBet is covering 3 markets – Full Time Winner, Fight to Go to the Distance and Total Rounds. Max Holloway is the favourite, but his odds of 3/5 won’t excite punters, which means that you’re probably better off betting on Ortega (6/5) or some of the other markets.

Even though bookies haven’t made him a favourite, it would be foolish to disregard Ortega. He’s quite a capable fighter and will take his chance whenever he sees an opening. If you’re not into betting on Full Time Winner of the fight, we suggest taking a look at the other markets – there are plenty of attractive options there.