2000 Guineas Odds

2000 Guineas horse raceThe 2000 Guineas is a historically famous Group 1 flat horse race in Great Britain which has been taking place at Rowley Mile Newmarket, Suffolk since its inauguration in 1809. It is open to 3 year old thoroughbred colts and fillies which run over a distance of 1 mile to establish the winner. The race, which is one of Britain’s five Classic races, regularly takes place in late April or early May, with this year’s edition scheduled for 5th May.

Last year’s winner of the race was Churchill, a horse owned by the Irish business magnate John Magnier. Magnier has been the proud owner of the winning horse a record 9 times, with his first victory coming as early as 1997. Churchill’s performance last year was on par with some of the great performances in the race’s history such as Mister Baileys’ in 1994 when the fastest winning time for the race was set at a little over 1.35 minutes.

It is very much open to debate as to which horse will take over the mantel from Churchill this year, but the bookies have already given their favourites. In this article we will go through all of the serious candidates for this year’s 2000 Guineas winners according to several very respectable and reputable bookmakers.

Black Type

Black TypeBlack Type is a popular choice for many horse racing enthusiasts. The sports betting operator is owned by Black Type Services Ltd, its platform is provided by FSB Technology (UK) Ltd, and it is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

For all horse racing aficionados and punters Black Type has prepared a special promotion for the 2000 Guineas in the form of a £5 casino bonus and further £5 in sportsbook bets if you place a £10 bet on the race and you are a new customer.

This is a great offer which is made even better by the high odds offered by Black Type for all horses and not just the underdogs. For example, horses such as the strongest favourite Saxon Warrior or the second favourite Elarqam both have odds as high as 9/2 and 6/1 respectively, which is a pretty nice offer.

When you go further down the line, you can see that horses such as Roaring Lion (7/1), Gustav Klimt (8/1), US Navy Flag (8/1), Expert Eye (10/1), and Wootton (14/1) have been given pretty high odds for victory as well.


RedZoneSports RedZoneSports is a betting operator which is licensed and regulated in the UK, a fact which is important to many punters who seek secure and safe betting. It is operated by Argyll Entertainment, a highly acclaimed sports betting company which is behind several other popular betting operators.

One of the things which RedZoneSports is most famous by is its propensity to offer very enticing bonuses and promotions. One such promotion is the New Customer 40% Welcome Bonus which can go as high as £200.

A good place to invest those £200 is the outright winners market for this year’s edition of the 2000 Guineas race. The favourite for the top spot, according to RedZoneSports is Saxon Warrior with odds of 4/1, and he is followed by Roaring Lion (13/2), Elarqam (7/1), Gustav Klimt (15/2), Expert Eye (17/2), US Navy Flag (9/1), Verbal Dexyerity (16/1), Mendelssohn (16/1), The Pentagon (16/1), and Wootton (16/1).

These are all good options for a winning bet as they all come at pretty high odds, and in truth, if any of these horses were to win the race it wouldn’t be much of a surprise at all.


MintbetMintbet is a sports betting platform provided by FSB Technology (UK) Ltd which is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. They represent a smart option for all horse racing enthusiasts who are looking for an offer tailored to their needs as the betting operator offers a special cash back offer for the 2000 Guineas which is marketed as a free bet up to €/£20 offer if your horse finishes 2nd beaten by a length or less.

You can use the advantages of this offer to play a riskier bet and maybe back some of the outsiders for the 2000 Guineas according to Mintbet. Good choices for such a bet are Sioux Nation at 33/1 or Kenya at 33/1.

However, if it is the favourites that you want to back, you can always go for horses such as Saxon Warrior (9/2), Gustav Klimt (7/1), Elarqam (7/1), Roaring Lion (7/1), Expert Eye (8/1), US Navy Flag (8/1) or Mendelssohn (12/1) as they are much more likely candidates to win the race and bring you a winning ticket.


LetouLetou is powered by TGP Europe Ltd and registered with a license issued by the UK Gambling Commission. This is a very clear signal that if you choose Letou as the betting operator with which you are going to do your wagering transactions for the 2000 Guineas, you haven’t made a mistake.

Another factor which justifies this decision is the fact that you can be the benefactor of various betting boosts and promotions specifically tailored for the 2000 Guineas race.

The market which Letou offers its punters for the 2000 Guineas is the outright winners one. In it, horses such as Saxon Warrior (7/2), and Roaring Lion (13/2) are the clear favourites and they come with slightly lower odds than all the other horses.

Other good candidates for the winner’s spot include Elarqam (7/1), Gustav Klimt (15/2), Expert Eye (17/2), Us Navy Flag (9/1), and Verbal Dexterity (16/1). If you are after the most likely winner of the race, it is very probable that it will come from this group of 7 horses.


SportPesaSportPesa is operated by TGP Europe and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. As with other betting providers on this list, SportPesa also offers an exciting 2000 Guineas betting experience accompanied by some exceptional bonuses such as the £10 free bet which you can use if this is your first bet on the race with SportPesa.

Saxon Warrior (7/2) and Roaring Lion (13/2) should be your primary choices for the race’s winners as both of these horses are SportPesa’s favourites for a reason. They are currently in peak physical condition and they are considered as one of the best in their class.

However, if you are a punter which fancies going after larger odds in order to increase his profit, you can always go with higher yielding options such as Elarqam (7/1), Gustav Klimt (15/2), Expert Eye (17/2), Us Navy Flag (9/1), and Verbal Dexterity (16/1).

If, on the other hand, you bet out of fun and think that winning horse races is more about luck and less about conditioning and physical ability, you can wager on horses such as Masaarr or Wusool, but at 50/1, their victory will be more the result of a fluke than anything else.